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About Travel Arena

Who We are

Two friends working for a leading travel firm in India decide that they want to share more than just a desk-job. So they dare to take the proverbial leap. And a “travel boutique” is born. That was 2007. Alifiyah now finds her mojo on fresh farmlands in New Zealand, while Reena calls the biz shots at Travel Arena, a trusted brand in tune with the digitally savvy, upwardly mobile, price picky customer of today. If you’re hungry for the immersive, the experiential, the out-of-the-ordinary…we are the pros.

Why Us?

Secret sauce of our 360-degree, holistic approach? The ‘details'. We step into your shoes to second-guess every scenario, while you throw back your hair and surrender to sweet paradise. Safe and stress-free. Our finger, your pulse, that’s our mantra.

Expect the unexpected

You are unique and don’t we know it? So shouldn’t it be your trip, your way? Our travel wizards zoom in up-close-and-personal to get a handle on your personal tastes, secret dreams, sweet spots and pain points. For example, while curating a honeymoon we know who has the last laugh. We engage. We deliver.


We bring you the enviable lifestyle you long to own. Pack it with episodes that widen your horizons and add to your worldview. Indulgence in the raw wilderness of silky beaches, silent valleys and rugged deserts? Peace with snow-tipped pine trees, crisp autumn leaves and flaming sunsets. Vibrant cities or abandoned towns? Recreation, relaxation, adventure, culture goals?

Enhancing Experiences with Travel Arena

Experiment with local cuisine that defines the essence of a destination.

Wine & Food


Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes.



Come to grips with what defines local life in a destination.

Culture & Art


Cut out the noise and escape all human contact to reconnect with yourself in seclusion.

Spa & wellness


Enough of stereotyped hotel rooms in boring, boxy buildings, in same-old city surroundings. Experiment with the unexpected.

Luxe Retreats


Exercise a self-drives option and become the master of your journey by deciding your pace and controlling your schedule in a hired vehicle.

Self Drives


Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world.

Museums & History


Join the biggest, brightest and boldest communal celebrations on the planet, Jump into the hysteria of colourful costumes, ear-splitting music and feverish dance moves.

Festivals & Parties


We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us - Rumi


Pep up the staff, kickstart the dealer network or get distributors into fifth gear. Pump up the feel-good factor and watch that graph go north. Large cross-regional corporate crowd? Let the getaway be the game changer.


Curating Memories

Take off with the bum chums, have that long awaited fam jam, go on that exclusive vacay with your offspring or simply lose yourself in those chaotic carnivals. Time to tick off that bucket list!


Exclusive Experiences

Settle for nothing less than impeccable with these one-of-a-kind, intimately personalized and meticulously crafted ideas that meet your exacting standards. Retreat to unseen locales, immerse in high-end opulence, demand VIP privileges and stand-out from the masses. Bespoke all the way.

You know it’s time for a vacation when you start looking like the person on your driving license - Unknown

What they say about us

Praseet & Vishwa Mehta

A very big thank you to Travel Arena for organising our fantastic South American adventure which covered Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina & Chile, one of the best experiences of our life, will be cherished forever. The recent one being Israel, Egypt & Jordan which was equally efficiently planned and gave us more fond memories with our newborn!"

- South America -

Palak & Anuj

“I can say without any hesitation that Reena Sachdev (Travel Arena) has given us the most rewarding experiences of our lifetime. It was a dream to witness the amazing northern lights in Finland and stay in a igloo. She and her team made sure everything was well planned. We have booked so many vacations with them and not even a single time we had an issue. Travelling is such a pleasure and when you invest your time and money you want it to be perfect and I can only trust Reena with my travel plans cause I know I won’t have any concerns and all my queries will be answered patiently.

- Finland, Budapest and Maldives -

Kukreja Family

Be it a couple or a group of twenty, they wouldn't let you feel the difference. That's how fluent the management is and was well experienced during our fam jam with Travel Arena. Thank you for all the Memories!

- South Africa -

Dia & Bunty

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we have had a fabulous time on all our trips planned with you right from our honeymoon to New Zealand to Italy, Malta, Thailand and our weekends getaways. You are all very helpful and professional. The one thing that always keeps us coming back is your incredible knowledge about all aspects of travelling, availability and flexibility for questions and redirection, a true joy to work with Travel Arena.

- New Zealand -

Deepal Shah

As suggested by Travel Arena, Malta was truly an offbeat experience for everyone attending from our offices worldwide with new surprises in store everyday. Great food, good conference facilities, beautiful views & location!!

- Malta -

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