Plan an Experience

Planning your experience is nothing short of an art but with a lot of understanding, counselling and getting on the same page to curate that perfect trip. Our ideas and suggestions come from a place of personal explores & experiences as well as intensive training / research with feedbacks regarding the products offered. With travel evolving largely after COVID 19, there are a whole new set of questions beyond the usual to be answered. Information & updates need to be constantly checked regarding SOP's, protocols to ensure a hassle free trip for you & your loved ones. To undertsand our working style, why not speak to us for a couple of minutes to get to know us better and see how we vibe?

Management fee structure per trip request (quoted in Indian Rupees):

  • 1-5 days = ₹10,000
  • 6-10 days = ₹15,000
  • 11-15 days = ₹20,000
  • 15 days+ = ₹25,000

** The management & curating fee is non-refundable (shall be adjusted against the booking amount upon conformation of the trip)

** Management fee is payable upfront in full before we begin working on your proposal

** 18% GST applicable

Why do we charge a fee while others don't ?

Like any professional (doctor, lawyer, interior designer etc) there is an investment of time, money, training and education put in over the years which enables us to curate your ideal plan. With all due respect towards our industry colleagues, what makes us different is that we believe in having a two way commitment right in the beginning of the relationship. This procedure puts us in a position of great responsibility towards our patrons since they have placed their trust in us, hence making it imperative for us to strive harder, dig deeper and ensure this bond is for life. If this is something thats new or uncommon for you....."Thats the whole point" :)
Its the same point we wish to make during your holiday with our version that is bound to have you think about us every time you think travel !

Thankyou for being here & if you’d like to book a ten minute free consultation appointment, may we know a little about your preferences to begin ?

Thank you for your time & we look forward to the beginning of a great journey together (in this case even literally)..... We recommend you to follow us on our Instagram, Facebook for regular updates on the latest happenings & inspirations !