Family Reunions

Celebrate the hysteria and insanities of your gene pool by getting the clan together, from across the borders. Unite cousins, grandparents, even in-laws, create new memories, relive nostalgia. And if family weddings are your idea of ultimate madness, aim higher. We’ve got you covered.

Girl-gang Globe-trots

Get high on oxytocin with your besties or make new friends for life on an unforgettable women-only trip. Hike up your crazy-quotient with all that’s rad. Adrenaline-pumping adventure, unfamiliar sports, arty study-groups, literary readings…the sky’s the limit. Let the group vibe carry you along.

Signature Honeymoons

Kickstart married life with a bang by living your wildest fantasies in a faraway land. Pamper yourself with a tailor-made itinerary. Ultimate indulgences , pets and peeves…we have a knack of figuring them out.
Insta-moments album? Couple photography? Sorted.

Mommy & Me

Working mom or home maker, cut yourself some slack and grab the god-send. Escape to someplace together, where you can ditch the boring rules. Discover common inspo, practice new lingo. Chase squirrels, jump into pools, run barefoot on sand, scream, giggle, gossip. Connect with the kids, pal-to-pal.

Bachelor / Bachelorettes

Up the game with a mixed gal-guy squad for your pre-wedding getaway. Party, adventure or just hangout all your best buds in exotic locales. Come back on a high, you’re all set for adulting.

Learning Holidays

Throw yourself out of your comfort zone and pick up a new skill while in exploration zone. Enrol in a cool class…sport, photography, language, calligraphy, dance, music, creative writing, mindfulness, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Squeeze in a short workshop or make space for longer course. How deep do you want to go?

Fiestas & carnivals

Mega is legit, so forget low-key. Sway to mass-mania in a music concert or scream yourself hoarse in a beer fest. Food & wine fairs, cultural carnivals, whisky tastings, sports events or traditional festivals…scale it up to feel the fever. But heads up…advance planning required