Wine & Food

Experiment with local cuisine that defines the essence of a destination. Dip into authentic aromas and flavours, dine at traditional and atmospheric eateries, embark on wine-tasting tours and join cooking classes to up your kitchen game. Treat your foodie spirit, pamper your palate, go gastronomic.

Sip Malbec in Mendoza
Taste the good life in Argentina’s wine region, Mendoza. For a traditional must-do, pick the locally celebrated spicy grape, Malbec. Powerful, chewy, chocolatey? Velvety? Smooth, juicyfruity? Whatever your style, Malbec’s versatile flavourswill appeal to the wine connoisseur in you.
Gorge on Brazilian barbecue, Churrasco
Skewers food grilled over wood fire is a religion in Brazil. You can’t not try Churrasco, a barbecue of beef, veal, lamb, pork, and chicken. Busy waiters with skewers loaded trays, breakneck pace of cooking. TVs broadcasting football games and cheerful chatter of diners…feed on every flavour.
Sample Peruvian cuisine
Go gastronomic in Lima, the culinary capital of Latin America. Sample the delights of Peruvian cuisine, a fusion of influences from European, African, and Asian food. Attend the Mistura culinary festival, take a cooking class or just gorge on Andean delicacies. Cuy (guinea pig), fish ceviche, rich pork stew, alpaca meat, aji sauce dishes…gourmet delights to spoil you silly.
Sip coffee in Zona Cafetera
Get your caffeine fix in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera. Learn the coffee-making process, stay in a historic hacienda, hike, horse ride and zone out. Palms trees, cloud forests, quaint pueblos and the imposing Andes. One-way ticket? Yes, please.
Enjoy Latin America’s best sparkling wine
Italian style country houses, pizzeria signboards and old Venetian dialect…a familiar influence in the wines and people of Vale dos Vinhedos. The mecca for wine in Brazil has at least 25 wineries, most family-owned, churning out world-class sparkling whites, specially a typical one, the sweet Moscato fizz.