Self Drives

Exercise a self-drive option and become the master of your journey by deciding your pace and controlling your schedule in a hired vehicle. Chalk a route along some of the most epic and scenic road trips on the planet, cutting across perfectly sculpted highways, coasts, cliffs, desert and mountain terrain

Self-drive to Ushuaia, end of the world
Deserts to mountains, be blown away with all the diversity of the untouched Argentinan landscapes, from the driving seat of your car. Take an epic journey of 3000km from the capital, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, end of the world. A lifetime of road trips on your mind?
Drive at dawn to the Geyseres del Tatio
Rent a car to explore the Geyser del Tatio, a doable day-trip from San Pedro de Atacama. Sacrifice a few hours of sleep for the surreal dawn experience. Sun-kissed and steamy. Ingredients for pure magic. Make it happen.
Hit the famous Route 40
Tacke Ruta 40, the country’s longest road, stretching from Cabo Vírgenes on the southern end to northernmost Ciénaga, on the Bolivian border. Tick off the ultimate road trip, from Puna highlands to Strait of Magellan. Boast-worthy highpoint? The 16,132 feet high Acay Pass. Everyone else, eat your heart out.
Roadtrip for volcanoes, waterfalls and vast inland lakes
Loop the Lake Districts for green mountain pastures, lush forests, mirror lakes and poser volcanoes. Switzerland, or a few shades better. Follow the Route of the Seven Lakes, One highly recommendation stop is Chile via Puyehue National Park. Fairy forest walks, hunting for thermal springs, gurgly waterfalls, and more volcanoes. Yes?
Traverse the Road of the Seven Lakes
Scenic-quotient, super high. Route of the Seven Lakes winds through lakes, mountain roads of the stunning Argentina Lakes District. One-day road trippers, add a stretch of Ruta 40 to include the region’s largest town, Bariloche. Luxuriate.