Museums & History

Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world. Get in in the know and trace past legends. Decode architecture, discover treasures and delve deeper into ancient civilisations.

Embrace Spanish history in Sucre
White-washed houses, red-tiled roofs, gorgeous architecture, pretty churches wide-open plazas lined with swaying palms. Wait, which continent is this…feels like Europe. A goldmine of culture and Spanish overtones. Do you love it or do you love it?
Bike the colourful landscape of Quebrada de Las Conchas
If you’re craving a cycling adventure, why not head for the red rocky landscape of the Quebrada de Las Conchas in Cafayate? Obligatory pitstop…Devil’s Throat, a natural amphitheatre, often used to house music performances. Fingers crossed…you just might catch a spectacular show.
Visit poet Pablo’s Neruda house
Indulge your literary inclinations at the quirky home of Nobel-prize winner poet Pablo Neruda in Valparaíso. Know the life and legacy of one of the most famous Chileans in history. Trinkets, souvenirs, paintings and personal artefacts deck the home-turned museum. The pink bar may cause green envy.
See the ‘Living Inca City’ of Ollantaytambo
The ‘Living Inca City’, is a necessary distraction before reaching Machu Picchu. Don’t even try to resist the charms of Ollanta’. Age-old Inca traditions, antiquarian stone streets, temples and colonial squares…this is the fairyland that pulled you to Peru. Right?
Marvel at Montevideo's architecture
Lesser known fact. The Uruguayan capital, Montevideo has stunning architecture, and you don’t even need to go looking for it. Just keep walking along the main avenue, 18 de julio – and keep those blinkers up. Belle Epoque, Art Deco, Neoclassical, Modernist…stare shamelessly. Or click.