Festivals & Parties

Join the biggest, brightest and boldest communal celebrations on the planet, Jump into the hysteria of colourful costumes, ear-splitting music and feverish dance moves. Get into the groove at lively bars in buzzing cities and live it up with endless nightlife at party islands.

Join the mayhem of Brazil’s biggest street party
The wildest, most vivacious carnaval of Brazil? Definitely, Salvador de Bahia. Sway to frantic rhythms of Samba-reggae and axé with a crowd of 2 million. Fast music, colourful costumes and a big parade with cars and trucks. Melt into the vibe.
See the Dakar rally going through the Atacama
Head out to the wilderness of the Atacama Desert for a unique high-level sports rally. Backdropped against incredible landscapes of dunes, valleys, mountains and dry rivers, this is one sporting event you can never compare to any else. High velocity all the way. Deal with it.
Celebrate at Barranquilla Carnival
A joyous celebration of everything Colombian. Jump in to the craziness….wanton dancing. loud music, vibrant street parades. Of course, there’s the rhythm of vigorous drumming. Dress for the occasion, but it may be a bad hair day with all that flow of flour and foam.
Get sprayed with milk at the Mama Negra festival
Up for a noisy, exuberant, flamboyant parade? Slip into local mode at the La Mama Negra, Latacunga. Get happily sprayed with milk and water…its a blessing for well-being. There’s also serious candy and wine container tossing into the night. There on…endless partying.
Discover cowboy culture at Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha
Say yay for the Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha in Tacuarembo that celebrates the Gaucho heritage & culture. Equestrian shows, traditional dance, live music, poetry, gastronomy, fireworks, big bonfires, humor, theater and even dog contests… take your pick. The best part? 4000 cowboys parading for the first prize at the horse rodeo.