Adventure Experiences

Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes. Cross endurance limits, conquer fears, and go down paths never considered before. Spell adrenaline-rush in capital letters with extreme sports, jungle expeditions and high-challenge activities that make every moment count.

Go 4WD dune bashing at Salar de Uyuni
Hit the open road in a 4WD and head to the largest stark-white salt plains on the planet. Freak out with crazy perspective photos on ‘The World’s Largest Mirror’. While you’re out there, how about some sulphur lakes, pink flamingos, cute llamas and prickly cactuses?
Fish for piranha in Amazon
Jump into a canoe to work for your delicious grilled dinner. Hook, line and sinker to catch the small, feisty razor-toothed piranha in the Amazon River. Technique is no biggie, just follow locals’ advice. And keep your feet in the boat.
Kayak in the Marble Caves of Lake General Carrera
Paddle through General Carerra Lake on a kayak to discover grottoes sculpted into marble cathedrals by nature. Caves and caverns filled with marbled archways, icy tunnels and twisting multi-coloured ceilings. All glimmering in blue hues on the glacial water below? How magical is that? Cup of hot chocolate later.
Hike the 3-day Quilotoa Loop of Andes
This one is a treat for the incorrigible hiker. Walk the 40-km long Quilotoa Loop crossing deep valleys, dusty paths, green hills, tiny villages. Drop your jaw at a 3-km wide crater filled with deepest of blue water you can imagine, high up in the Andes. Hiking-averse? Settle for a day-trip from one of the main cities.
Thrill with white-water rafting in Mendoza
Chill your knuckles white as you bounce along the rushing white waters of the Mendoza river fed by actual ice melt from the Andes. Some of the best class IV-V rapids in Argentine and enticing snow-capped peak views. Thrills and chills all the way. Don’t forget your GoPro.