Wild Wacky Whims

Forget logic and intellect for a change. Find freedom by rewinding to an inhibition-free naiveté. Try something weird and wonderful, bold and bizarre, crazy and kiddish or funny and frivolous. Alternative games? Horror night? Skinny dip? How close to insanity do you want to get?

Island of the Dolls in Mexico
Thousands of terrifying, mutilated dolls, with severed limbs, broken heads and blank eyes staring into space, suspended from trees, makes a blood-curling sight, even in daytime. Want a real horror show? Then venture out after bight fall. ‘Conjuring’ will seem like child’s play.
Cliff-diving from Ricks cafe in Jamaica
Attempt a heart-racing jump off a 35-foot high cliff after downing a few drinks to lose all sense of logic. Watching the long queue of jumping freaks, the feat will seem like howcan-you-miss it ritual. Just shut your eyes and leap off the edge. Do it before you change your mind.
North America
Get married at a dive-through chapel in Vegas
Dreaming of a fairytale wedding? What better than tying the knot at an intimate wedding chapel boasting clients in the league of Frank Sinatra and Spears? Its a drive-thru, so it cuts out the bother of a guest list. Bouquets and music on order. Now that’s a real tunnel of love.
Swim with pigs in the Bahamas
Forget scary sharks fins and cruel crocodile eyes. Make the chubby, pinky pigs your swimming partners in Nassau for a return to pure innocence. Play with the baby piglets and feed the oversized swimming pigs. The cuteness overload will be enough for you to rethink your love for pork.
North America
Party in the underground Cave Club Ayala in Trinidad
Techno meets salsa music on the crowded dance floor in a cavern cluttered with stalactites and stalagmites. Can you spot a bat in the bar hole carved out of the natural stone? As for the club’s name, it’s named after a serial killer who abducted kids and murdered them in this very cave. Freaky, right?