Spa & wellness

Cut out the noise and escape all human contact to reconnect with yourself in seclusion. Pamper your mind, body and soul with the most lavish therapies that money can buy in state-of-the-art luxury spas. Or surrender to refreshing experiences like volcano mud baths and thermal springs in the lap of nature.

Costa Rica
Take a volcanic mud bath
Get caked in thick volcanic mud, that is drying slowly, nourishing you with ancient earth minerals, Weird, but wonderfully rejuvenating and liberating. There’s a dip in a natural hot or cold spring later, to add to the bliss.
Dominican Republic
Bliss our in a shamanic healing spa
Shamanic healing traditions of the Taíno Indians. Caribbean’s plants and herbs to heal your skin. And a lush rainforest to double the effect of that soothing signature spa. This must be heaven.
Turks & Caicos Islands
Heal with a local conch scrub
Hand-crushed conch shells, mixed with aromatherapy oils to create a gentle scrub. Essential vitamins to restore skin damage and gift you that healthy glow. Talk about liberal doses of ultra-lux.
Costa Rica
Soak in thermal hot springs in Arenal Volcano area
Romantic getaway or kiddos in tow? A dip into nature’s bathtub works equally well both ways. Sink into a volcano-heated pool with uninterrupted views of volcano’s lava slopes or a rushing river for a view. Feel the stress melting away?