Culture & Art

Come to grips with what defines local life in a destination. Think native customs, community rituals, folk traditions, even country living. Attend a music performance, join a folk dance, learn an age-old craft, or go on an art-themed trail. Embrace the finer things in life.

Listen to live jazz in New Orleans during Mardi Gras
Jazz is the mandate while in New Orleans. High tempo, swinging, stomping and a simple melody that hooks you. Add to it, the bright colors, big crowds, lively parades, and lots of delicious food of the Mardi Gras in the historic French Quarter. You’ve got a winner.
Turks & Caicos Islands
Take a painting class at a local art studio
Check out a local art studio in Providenciales and indulge the home-decor buff in you. Better still, attend an art class and create a masterpiece for yourself, your way. Holiday inspo, guidance and some paints are enough.
Explore the colorful streets of Merida
Can you have too much of the eye-candy in the streets of Merida? Pretty pastel shades and nonstop instagrammer-appeal. Stop clicking and check out those cantinas for the most lip-smacking lunch of your life.
Spook out with Rose Hall Ghost tour
Indulge your morbid side with a night ghost tour of Rose Hall. Dig into its dramatic past, know the legend of the White Witch and feel the goosebumps. An encounter of a lifetime, not for the faint hearted.
Dominican Republic
See cigar making as an art form
Tour one of the country’s top cigar factories from Punta Cana. Get a lesson in production of handmade cigars, right from tobacco planting to packaging of the finished product. Mild, sweet, earthy, punchy, refined, how do you like your smoke?