Adventure Experiences

Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes. Cross endurance limits, conquer fears, and go down paths never considered before. Spell adrenaline-rush in capital letters with extreme sports, jungle expeditions and high-challenge activities that make every moment count.

Hike the Fundy footpath in New Brunswick
49-km wilderness along the Bay of Fundy coastline takes you along 100-metre cliffs, tidal rivers, fir, spruce and maple trees. Give it a clear 4-5 days. The climax at the Suspension bridge at Big Salmon River is a reward in itself. Up for the rugged challenge?
Costa Rica
Fly over a cloud forest on a canopy zip line
Sign up for a Monteverde Canopy Tour or a zipline tour to fly over the Cloud Forests. What make this zipline tour special? More zip lines, more platforms, longer trails, and many suspension bridges to walk across. 20 minutes plus gravity to do the magic.
Conquer a Viñales peak
One look at those not-too-high limestone mountains and the rock-climber in you will be rearing to have a go. Book a small group tour if you love company. Or DIY with a trip to one of the many climbing gear stores in town.
Swim through “Rio Secreto” in Riviera Maya
Turquoise river and a cave system decked with stalactites & stalagmites? Of course you want to go to one of the most-wanted attractions of Mexico. Be prepared to wade waist-deep in water. Something out of a movie fantasy.
Puerto Rico
Soak in nature at El Yunque National Forest Reserve
Get lost in nature on the 4-km to dive into a natural lagoon under a gushing waterfall. El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service. Can you miss this treat for the senses?