Wine & Food

Experiment with local cuisine that defines the essence of a destination. Dip into authentic aromas and flavours, dine at traditional and atmospheric eateries, embark on wine-tasting tours and join cooking classes to up your kitchen game. Treat your foodie spirit, pamper your palate, go gastronomic.

Make your own chocolate
Learn the tips and tricks of chocolate artistry in Brussels. Spare 2 hours from your holiday time to attend a class and craft your own brand of Belgian chocolate. Next time, you can wow your family and friends with homemade pralines.
Bosnia & Herzegovnia
Dine in a local Sarajevan family home
Get an authentic taste of Sarajevo with a unique dining experience in the home of a Sarajevan family. Hear stories of struggle and relish the warmth of a seat at a family dinner table. Which restaurant can give you that?
Road trip through Bordeaux
Rent a car and explore the famous wine region of Bordeaux in South West France. Quiet little French villages, big skies of the countryside and glamour of vineyards. Beginner to connoisseur will be a short journey while tasting the rose and claret from centuries-old bricked cellars.
Truffle hunting in Piedmont
Strap on those hiking boots and head deep into the forestry with a local truffle hunter. Treasure hunt for the black and white truffles, that the region is known for. Back at a farm, join the team hustle up a fresh recipe and enjoy truffles at their freshest best.
Taste wine at the Princely Wine Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein (Vaduz)
This wine tasting at Prince Hans-Adam II’s family winery, near Vaduz, has exclusivity stamped all over it. The pinot noir, made from Vaduz grapes, is the specialty here. Smokey and chocolatey, very
Discover Scotland’s whisky trail
When in Scotland, how can a whisky lover think of skipping a whisky trail? Edinburgh to Fort William, follow the route of the finest distilled golden liquid, from field and distillery to bottle and glass. Bottoms up.
Autumn bushcraft and fire cooking in the forests
Adapt to hunter-gatherer mode in the solitude of the jungle, miles away from traffic, buildings and city noise. Learn about flora and fauna, embark on fishing expeditions, hunt mushrooms, build a camp fires and whip up meals without kitchen cooktops. Can you sense the undiluted freedom?