Wild Wacky Whims

Forget logic and intellect for a change. Find freedom by rewinding to an inhibition-free naiveté. Try something weird and wonderful, bold and bizarre, crazy and kiddish or funny and frivolous. Alternative games? Horror night? Skinny dip? How close to insanity do you want to get?

Leave your hair lock at Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey
Buffs of bizarre…go here, do this. Walls, ceiling and all surfaces of a cave-like room, except the floor are covered with 16,000 locks of hair from women from all over the world. Leave a memento with a personalised note if you like…scissors and sellotape are on the house.
Attend the World Alternative Games in Wales
This event makes regular sport seem so passé. Bath-tubbing, wife-carrying, running backwards, mountain bike bunny hopping, worm charming, egg throwing, finger jousting, gravy wrestling, belly flopping and hay bale tossing…the sky is the limit in this unusual event. Don’t just stand by, jump in.
Bathe in brew in Austria
Immerse yourself in seven 13ft pools filled with beer. Not just for brag-worthy, but loaded with benefits like calcium and vitamins to soften the skin, improved blood circulation and calming effect on the body. But before you start getting ideas of drinking in the pool beer, remind yourself of the sweaty dippers.
Go to a swinger club, Berlin
Defy the niceties and experience alternative nightlife at one of Berlin’s many avant-garde hedonistic nightclubs. Passing rights? Anything sexy, fetish, kinky, glitzy, glamorous like leather, vinyl, uniforms, costumes or outlandish outfits will cut it perfectly. Brace for bad and bold.
Get naked in France’s Cap d’Agde
Live the nude and au naturel life in this naked city of France. Shop for wine, queue up at a deli, dine alfresco, stroll on the promenade and sunbathe naked wherever you please. Are you ready for true liberation, in the completely unclothed way, in the world's capital of nudism on the Mediterranean coast?
Popeye Village in Malta
If Robin Williams’s debut movie, 1980 film “Popeye” is a nostalgia trigger for you, check out the abandoned set which locals repurposed as a theme park in Mellieha, Malta. Walk into all the much-loved scenes from Sweethaven village as shown in the musical. You can even even play part of the cast for the day.
Backstroke in time
Swim the Arctic Circle at Juoksenki on the Torne River between Finland and Sweden. Choose from two distances, 1,500m and 3,000m. The latter begins in Finland at midnight and finishes across the border in Sweden. With the time difference, you might just finish the race before you started. Back in time.