Spa & wellness

ECut out the noise and escape all human contact to reconnect with yourself in seclusion. Pamper your mind, body and soul with the most lavish therapies that money can buy in state-of-the-art luxury spas. Or surrender to refreshing experiences like volcano mud baths and thermal springs in the lap of nature.

Give Finnish sauna therapy a shot
Get a feel for the authentic Finnish sauna culture in a communal sauna with super-hot temperatures, then dip into icy-cold water of a lake or snow. Extreme contrasts for the tingly, dew-drop fresh feel. Healthy skin. Happy skin.
Soak in a thermal bath in Budapest
Pretend to be a local. Take a healing dip in a public heated pool while visiting the ‘City of Spas’. Alternate by immersing in an ice pool. Yes, that’s a Hungarian wellness thing. Chess by the pool is a popular activity. Take the challenge.
Relax in a geo-thermal lagoon
The iconic Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular visitor destination. Steamy mineral-rich bath in the stunning milky-blue lagoon surrounded by black volcanic lava rocks. Perfect recipe for a lazy afternoon in Reykjavik.
Pamper yourself in a salt cave
Stay in a subterranean accommodation, relax in treatment salt chambers and breath freshest of air saturated with minerals. The Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow can be a health boost or a cure for weak respiration. Refresh your senses and your soul.
Yoga cruise by Gulet
Unwind with meditation sessions and yoga classes on the deck of a traditional Turkish Gulet surrounded by the exotica of the Turquoise Coast. Gentle rocking of waves, soft kisses of sea breeze and islands scattered everywhere. Divinity.
Chocolate spa in Geneva
Pamper yourself with a chocolate and whipped cream bath, cocoa body scrub and chocolate cream massage. A treatment so powerfully medicinal and so deeply luxurious, that you’ll be craving return trips, as often as you can afford.
Try Cryotherapy
Up for a new-fangled wellness trend that international celebs swear by? Step inside a giant fridge and chill for three minutes in temperatures of minus 120°C. Let your body do the rest with its self-healing and regeneration processes.