Museums & History

Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world. Get in in the know and trace past legends. Decode architecture, discover treasures and delve deeper into ancient civilisations.

See the ship at the Vasa Museum
Sweden’s leading attraction would have to be connected with its maritime past, right? The show stopper is a giant floating fortress, after which the world-class museum is named Vasa. Its the only preserved 17-century ship in the world. Ogle.
Follow the Nazi trail and find wall murals in Berlin
Dive into Hitler’s history with a walking tour that includes Checkpoint Charlie, Jewish Memorial and the famous underground bunker hideout. Continue the theme along the 13-mile-long wall remnants, spotting some of the most creative street-art murals in the world.
Get sentimental at the Titanic museum at Belfast
Interactive galleries for a real-feel of the sights, sounds and stories of the Titanic, the city where she was born and the workers who built her. Walk on models of the decks, peek into lounges, see the slipways where they launched her. A treat for the romantic at heart.
Dig into the ancient Miinoan civilisation in Crete
The mood sets in as you step onto the pastel-colored Venetian harbor of Chania. History nerds, reserve a few hours for Heraklion’s ancient palace of King Minos, Knossos. Then hop into the nearby historical museum for more fascinating facts on the ancient Minoan civilization.
Visit the launchpad of WWII history, Gdansk
Medieval trading powerhouse turned into a power-struggle hub between Germany and Poland, Gdansk was where the very first shots of WWII were fired. War history lovers, you can’t miss this little gem of a town.
See painted monasteries
Moldavia’s hand-painted monasteries are a UNESCO World Heritage site with frescoes that speak volumes from the Bible. Eight little churches, each unique in own way, includes one created from lapis lazuli rocks. This Sistine Chapel of the East is a worth a trip just for itself.
Creep out in Chernobyl
As fast as ghost towns go, this Ukrainian disaster zone tops the list. Tours run from surrounding villages like Pribyat. The images of ruined houses, abandoned streets and broken dolls will haunt you for a long time.