Festivals & Parties

Join the biggest, brightest and boldest communal celebrations on the planet, Jump into the hysteria of colourful costumes, ear-splitting music and feverish dance moves. Get into the groove at lively bars in buzzing cities and live it up with endless nightlife at party islands.

Music fests & nightlife in Valletta
Voracious appetite for nightlife? Valletta’s underground vaults converted into dance-music joints will satisfy. Aiming for scale? Join the masses at large-scale festival events in dramatic historic venues like Lost and Found festival in May to Glitch festival in August.
Yacht it out in Croatia
Live it up with a sailing vacay in the Adriatic Riviera. Deepest blues to dazzle the most jaded of eyes. Over 1000 untouched islands studded like jewels. Towns with centuries-old rich history. And an enviable Mediterranean climate to convert you into an instant water-baby.
Mess up at Tomatina festival
Join a crazy crowd of 40,000 people on the streets of Buñol in Valencia and throw tomatoes at each other till your muscles scream for mercy. One hour, 150,000 over-ripe tomatoes and total madness. Carry swimming goggles or snorkelling gear to keep purée out of your eyes.
Ski and snowbomb at the Snow Festival
This is a mountain holiday with an action theme unlike anything you imagined. Three days of aerially acrobatic competitions, featuring Europe’s best skiers and snowboarders. Night long partying in igloos and mountain shacks. Coolest vibe ever.
Glam up at the Carnival of Venice
The mystique of the masks says it all, but there’s more. Opulence of masquerade balls, flamboyance of costume parades, candle-lit parade of boats, street performances, and a party atmosphere that pulls you right in. Eat, drink and be merry.
Glow at the Amsterdam Light Festival
Think of it as an open-air light museum. Illumination-centric artwork and installations to perk up the darkness in the canal city. Get “enlightened” in a new way as Amsterdam puts on its more colourful spectacle. Save that boat cruise in Amstel for now.
Celebrate art and culture at the Fringe Festival
3 weeks of explosive energy, thousands of shows across hundreds of venues. Theatre, dance, stand-ups, circus, musicals, cabaret, kiddie shows, opera, debates, expos, stalls and food. Edinburgh, the way you never imagined it.