Culture & Art

Come to grips with what defines local life in a destination. Think native customs, community rituals, folk traditions, even country living. Attend a music performance, join a folk dance, learn an age-old craft, or go on an art-themed trail. Embrace the finer things in life.

Make a decorative egg
Visit a ceramics factory to learn the technique of making a decorative egg from master craftsmen. From clay to porcelain mold, firing to glazing and final ornamentation, this is one hobby that you could never tire of.
Develop an appetite for opera
Dip into the culture of a city known for the biggies of Western classical music, Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, and Schubert. Dress up for a show at the Vienna State Opera. Soprano, melodrama and red velvet curtains. Bravo.
Dinner with a Fado perfornance
Lisbon blues to the tune of Portuguese 12-string guitar in a fado club in Alfama. Hit the beating heart of the Portuguese capital for a soulful, romantic dinner. Make reservations…the tables in the most authentic ones tend to fill up fast.
Check out the secret Medici chambers
Art lovers, discover the secret chambers inside the Medici Chapels of Florence. The charcoal sketches that Michelangelo created here while in hiding during the siege of Florence have been lovingly restored. Will you be there for the grand opening in 2020 end?
Visit Northern Europe’s Art Nouveau capital
Browse through the fascinating work of Rīga’s 19th-century artists in the Art Nouveau Museum. Alternatively, head to the city’s architectural district, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. No better place to blend art and everyday life.
Learn tile-painting in Porto
Join a guided workshop on painting traditional Azulejo, the same way they were made 170 years back. Allow two days gap for them to get fired in a kiln. A piece of ceramic art, typically Portuguese, to brighten up a corner of your home. Handmade by you.
Take an art tour in Provence in lavender season
Slip into artist mode in the vegetable basket of France, Provence. Blend into the canvas of fragrant lavender, sunny sunflower and gold wheat fields. What better than a art tour in Arles, which inspired the legendary Van Gogh?