Adventure Experiences

Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes. Cross endurance limits, conquer fears, and go down paths never considered before. Spell adrenaline-rush in capital letters with extreme sports, jungle expeditions and high-challenge activities that make every moment count.

Hike a wonderland of waterfall cascades
A million shades of aqua, cascades spilling onto each other, boardwalks across waterfall pools and hiking trails through paradise. Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia’s most unmissable UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you dare disagree?
Cruise on an icebreaker
How about a four-hour long cruise through a thickly packed icy landscape? Wide-open expanse of Arctic, chilly winds, cracking sounds of thick ice and hot chocolate? This is a Finland special no outdoorsy type can resist.
Ice-climb in the French Alps
Skip Swiss Alps in favour of French Alps. If you’re a beginner, scale a frozen waterfall. If you’re a pro, take on the toughie ice cliffs. Add on multi-activities including skiing, sledding and sleeping in an igloo. Ça vous dit?
Dive shipwrecks
Down under on a short-haul diving trip is a dream come true in the Malta Mediterranean. Zero ability is no bar, the diving tour company won’t leave you to sink or swim. How many wrecks will you find?
Kayak in the fjords
Everybody cruises in the fjords? How about a leisurely kayaking experience, close to the surface of the glacial lakes, surrounded by forests, steep rock walls, rugged mountains, and gushing waterfalls. In touch with nature. With the sounds of your heartbeat as music.
Zip line across Europe’s deepest canyon
The deepest canyon in Europe comes a close second to the Grand Canyon. The bold at heart can choose to zip line across the riverbed, which lies 172 metres below. Look around from a safe distance or look down? What will you choose?
Climb a hill with 100,000 crosses
Yes, there are that many crucifixes, religious statues and effigies on the Hill of Crosses in Vilnius. Chances are you will find someone erecting their own cross or statue, if they can find a few inches of space, that is. Its quite a sight. Go see.