Spa & wellness

Cut out the noise and escape all human contact to reconnect with yourself in seclusion. Pamper your mind, body and soul with the most lavish therapies that money can buy in state-of-the-art luxury spas. Or surrender to refreshing experiences like volcano mud baths and thermal springs in the lap of nature.

Get a caviar facial at Gold Coast
Pamper that sun-tanned skin with an extravagant caviar facial in Gold Coast. You need those generous doses of protein and antioxidants to prep you for a sparkling night out. An acupressure massage for some additional glow? Why not?
Luxury Lodges of Australia
New Zealand
Chill out at Hamner Springs
Unwind within views of snowcapped peaks in South Island’s most wanted thermal hotspot. You can pick your own kind of hot pool…thermal mineral, sulphur or freshwater pools…what will it be? River soak? You’re on.
Head for the thermal pools of Nadi
The smell of sulphur will guide you to the geothermal pools. Cake yourself in warm mud, dry off in the sun, then wash off in the clear water springs. Fun-filled skin therapy and ‘dirty’ socialising, combine in this wellness treat.
New Zealand
Onsen hotpools
60 minutes of soaking in a hot tub, with uninterrupted views of unspoilt nature to detox from deep within. A complimentary drink and snack to lux you up even more. Retractable roof for an indoor-to-outdoor vibe with the touch of a button. Can you resist the temptation?
Luxury Lodges of Australia
New Zealand
Mud bath & sulphur pool
What better indulgence ritual than a relaxing mud bath, followed by a session of unwinding in a sulphur spa, before heading into the exhilaration of a spring-fed waterfall soak? Rethinking your bath layout at home, right?