Museums & History

Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world. Get in in the know and trace past legends. Decode architecture, discover treasures and delve deeper into ancient civilisations.

Luxury Lodges of Australia
Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout tour
This is an award-winning tour into the waterfall-studded rainforest. A lesson on Aboriginal traditions and customs, history of the Darug language group, sacred cultural sites, even ochre bark and body painting activities. As immersive as it gets. Book it.
New Zealand
Interactive experiences at Te Papa Museum
Whoever thought all museums are dingy, dark and dusty needs to step inside New Zealand’s national museum at Wellington. Innovation in techno-displays takes the learning to a whole new level. Art, History, Pacific, Māori, and Natural Environment…you could spend hours devouring each theme.