Festivals & Parties

Join the biggest, brightest and boldest communal celebrations on the planet, Jump into the hysteria of colourful costumes, ear-splitting music and feverish dance moves. Get into the groove at lively bars in buzzing cities and live it up with endless nightlife at party islands.

New Zealand
World Buskers’ Festival, Christchurch
Revel in the chaos and confusion on the streets of Christchurch. There’s enough going on to keep the eyeballs engaged. Troupes of musicians, acrobats, jugglers, fire show performers, comedians. Street performers never had it so good.
Luxury Lodges of Australia
Sydney Vivid Music and Lights Festival
Watch spellbound as the city transforms into a mega lit-up canvas. Sensible to bag a spot near The Rocks and Circular Quay if you’re craving the best views. And a packed lunch basket maybe, because you won’t like to budge an inch as it gets darker.
French Polynesia
Just roll at Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition
Big wave surfer? Challenge yourself at the coast. Thrill watcher? Enjoy the show of pros break out with sweat out as they battle the gigantic swells for the win. Exhilarating, either way.
Sydney Mardi Gras
Art, culture, music, fanfare, and parading to equal the best of carnival vibes. Throngs to drive you crazy. And one common theme…to have a outrageously colorful blast. Will you be going or will you be you going?
Party at Nadi’s Bula Festival
Its a full week crammed with parades, floats, food stalls, and other celebrations. Get into the groove with Fijian dancing, shake those hips to the drumming and join the vivid parades. There’s even a beauty pageant to compete for the title of ‘Miss Bula’. Are you up for it?