Culture & Art

Come to grips with what defines local life in a destination. Think native customs, community rituals, folk traditions, even country living. Attend a music performance, join a folk dance, learn an age-old craft, or go on an art-themed trail. Embrace the finer things in life.

New Zealand
Attend a hangi
Visit a recreated Maori village for a traditional hangi dinner. Attend a traditional song-dance performance by the Maori men and women. Each of those moves and expressions have a symbolic meaning. Guess along.
Luxury Lodges of Australia
Catch a show at the Opera House, Sydney
Stop staring at its emblematic architecture, because the real reason you’re there is for the show. Get your culture fix by splurging on front row seats for an opera or a musical at this one-of-a-kind performing-arts venue. And dress up for effect.
French Polynesia
Get cultured at Moorea
Dip into the real colours of French Polynesia in Moorea, Tahiti’s kid sister island. Make time to see fire dancing at the Tiki Village Dance Show. Get trained on local exotica like Polynesian dancing and making fancy flower crowns. Yes, life can be that uncomplicated.
Learn the ancient art of boomerang throwing
Reserve a couple of hours for an immersive session at Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Admire the fine arts and crafts by Aboriginal artists, indulge in nature walks to learn about native plants and learn to make didgeridoos. Music that will stay with you forever.
Make your own Kava bowl
Join a local workshop to craft your own Tanoa drinking bowl, the traditional Fijian vessel used to serve kava. This fun activity suits the entire family and guess what? You’ll take back a tray full of kava bowls for the kitchen cabinet.