Adventure Experiences

Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes. Cross endurance limits, conquer fears, and go down paths never considered before. Spell adrenaline-rush in capital letters with extreme sports, jungle expeditions and high-challenge activities that make every moment count.

New Zealand
Kayak in Abel Tasman National Park
Head to the top of the South Island near the city of Nelson for a serenity-filled afternoon. Savour the slow pace of vacationing by renting a kayak. Explore the tempting coves and beaches on foot later?
Luxury Lodges of Australia
Crocodile diving in the ‘Cage of Death’
This face-to-face encounter in Darwin is an adventure junkie’s dream, so get those guts along. Spend 15 minutes in Australia’s only crocodile dive with a massive reptile. Will make a great story for later.
French Polynesia
Snorkel to find sharks at Reef Island
Set foot on an untouched oasis in the middle of nowhere and embark on the thrill of your life. Deep dive underwater with all snorkel gear to mingle with the native reef sharks. You’ve just won bragging rights.
Take a flying lesson in Sydney
Let an instructor show you the ropes of handling the controls while you’re airborne. Feel the spirits soar as you glide in the open skies, with the world at your feet. Now that’s a high drive.
New Zealand
Couple canyon swing at Nevis
Its not labelled the world’s most famous swing for nothing…and its no child’s play. Scream your lungs out with your significant other or best bud over a 300m arc over petrifying views of a canyon. This could be the best terrorised-twosome moment in your lives.