Museums & History

Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world. Get in in the know and trace past legends. Decode architecture, discover treasures and delve deeper into ancient civilisations.

Sri Lanka
Walk around the Dutch town of Galle
Hours fly by, as you wander along the grid-style cobbled roads of Galle’s fortified old town. Immerse into the blend of Asian-European cultures, admire Dutch-style architecture, buy quirky souvenirs and go gastronomic at the many Lankan eateries that dot the complex. End with the epic sunset by the lighthouse at the fort walls.
Boggle your brain at the ArtScience Museum
Arts, science, culture and technology, all come together with futuristic presentations, interactive exhibitions and virtual reality simulations in this one-of-a-kind museum at the Marina Bay Sands. This is power brain charging at its freshest best and a perfect precursor to the evening’s dazzling light show, the Garden Rhapsody.
Swoon over the Rose City from the High Place
You know why the instagrammers are bonkers about this spot when you actually stand there yourself. Petra’s magical powers unleash to their maximum from the High Place. Mind the steep cliffs and loose rocks on the way to the viewpoint for a grand view of the Rose City. Fall in love with ruins again.
Unravel the Silk Road heritage
Roam among archaeological sites and medieval architecture that go back thousands of years. Dream about battles, cultural riches, caravan trails and serais that were once a way of life for merchants along the enigmatic Silk Road. Two towns that best exemplify this experience are Otrar and Turkestan.
Climb the Masada Snake Path at Eilat
Surprise yourself when you ascend 450 meters on the Masada Snake Path, to a famous fortress at the edge of the Dead Sea. The archaeological remains at the peak have a heroic history. Plus there are eye-popping views of the Dead Sea plus the Moab Mountains of Jordan. Pick sunrise for more sensationalism.