Festivals & Parties

Join the biggest, brightest and boldest communal celebrations on the planet, Jump into the hysteria of colourful costumes, ear-splitting music and feverish dance moves. Get into the groove at lively bars in buzzing cities and live it up with endless nightlife at party islands.

Sizzle at the Symphony of Lights
City illumination goes to a new level with Hong Kong’s giant laser and lights show. The best places to be seen and to see the sparkle of city lights is Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront or the Golden Bauhinia Square. Music by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra doubles the splendour. Live it up with light.
Jerusalem Beer Festival
Who would believe that you sampled a hundred varieties of beer in Jerusalem? Dowse mugs and mugs of beer, taste Israeli delicacies at the food trucks, swing to musical concerts and hang out with locals in this signature event which continues till midnight in the open air. Alternative to Munich Oktoberfest.
Jerash Festival, Jordan’s pride and joy
The Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts is mandate of sorts, if you have a cultural bent of mind. Featuring well-orchestrated performances by Jordanian, Arab and foreign artists and craft workshop in the setting of an ancient Roman citadel and amphitheatre, this two-week festival is unique in every way.
Songkran Festival
Put in simple words, the four-day long Thai New Year festival in April is a nationwide water-fight, which has origins in the ritual of cleansing and purification. Any street is good enough, but if you really want to up the wild-factor, be at Khao San Road in Bangkok. Picture yourself soaking wet.
Sway at Dubai International Jazz Festival
Occupying top slot as one the most-wanted music fests in the Middle East, the Dubai International Jazz Festival rocks the world very year with star musicians. So if music runs in your veins like blood, make advance reservations. And if you’re a jazz aficionado or wannabe performer, this is unmissable. Period.