Adventure Experiences

Give in to the thrill-seeker impulse by having crafting out daring episodes. Cross endurance limits, conquer fears, and go down paths never considered before. Spell adrenaline-rush in capital letters with extreme sports, jungle expeditions and high-challenge activities that make every moment count.

Train for a tough climb to Tiger's Nest
Train your muscles to tackle the strain for the strenuous hike to Taktsang Palphug (Tiger’s Nest). Perched at a dizzying 10,200 feet above Paro Valley, this 17th-century monastery is an ensemble of 15 temples with exquisite wall paintings restored by UNESCO. Rewarding views all the way up too.
Scuba dive in the Red Sea
1000 species of fish, 150 species of coral, turtles and sharks…may not seem that unusual. But what about Japanese Gardens in Eliat, Grottos in Rosh Hanikra and a full-blown Underwater Archeological Park in Caesarea? Don’t miss Red Sea if you are plagued by deep-diving desires. This is different.
Trek the length of Lebanon
Where great trails go, the 470-kilometer Lebanon Mountain Trail clearly takes the cake. Over 75 towns and villages, three protected nature reserves, two biosphere reserves, and one UNESCO world heritage site will cross your path along the 292-miles (470-km) long running north to south. Intriguing enough?
Ride with eagle hunters
Embrace Mongolian life as a guest of an eagle hunting tribe’s family during the annual eagle hunting festival in October. Prep for a 60km ride with them across the plains to the festival site, and participate in a glorious event which has roots as old as 6000 years. Expect majestic costumes and grand spectacles.
Skydive over a manmade island
If you think skydiving has been done to death, head to Dubai to change your perspective. Falling from the skies over a painting-like panorama of the world’s largest man-made islands and skyscrapers will redefine your idea of skydiving forever. You will wish you could stay suspended in midair for as long as possible.