Museums & History

Indulge your inner history nerd with ruin-hunts, tours of Unesco-Heritage sites and exhibits at some of the best-known museums complexes in the world. Get in in the know and trace past legends. Decode architecture, discover treasures and delve deeper into ancient civilisations.

South Africa
Cradle of Humankind
On the outskirts of Johannesburg, descend into caves where early humans lived. Get goosebumps with the fact that fossils of Homo Naledi, a previously unknown hominin, were discovered right here. The children’s section makes a fascinating stroll for adults too.
See the ancient temples of Luxor
Risen from the dust of the old capital of Thebes, this ‘City of a Hundred Gates’ with majestic stone temples is a archeology lover’s dream come true with its colossal statues. Some of the monumental gateways are 200 feet in length. Surrender to scale.
Dig into the colonial history of Port Louis
Take a half-day guided walking tour through the capital to explore its colonial heritage. Spice quarters of Gujarati and colourful Chinatown offer a fascinating insight into global influences behind Mauritian flavours. And don’t forget to sample all the mouth-watering street food.
Explore imperial past of Rabat, Meknes and Fez
The fortified Kasbah of Rabat, Bab el Mansour Gateway of Meknes and Roman ruins of Volubilis are just some of the extraordinary architectural highlights for history buffs in the imperial cities of Morocco. Can you get enough of the intricate craftsmanship in the medinas and madrassahs?
Reunion Island
Take a tour of La Saga du Rhum museum
Bag the secrets of sugar cane-based alcohol, rhum, at La Saga du Rhum, the oldest distillery on the island. Indulge the senses, learn the tradition and tie it all together with a slice of history at the museum which displays the island’s rum diversity.