Family Frolic

Take part in light activities that spell fun and enjoyment for all age groups. Entertainment parks, beach hangouts, sailboat cruises, or group learning activities, these are moments that every member of the family can relish with equal enthusiasm.

Cruise the Nile
Take a cruise on the world’s most famous, mystical and revered river, floating past enormous temples, lands of legends, and enigmatic sunsets that make you skip heartbeats. Nothing spells epic quite like the Nile cruise. Slow glide into yesterday on bluest of hypnotic blues.
Eat breakfast with giraffes
At Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, feed the resident Rothschild giraffes that poke their long necks through the hotel windows during breakfast. Sharing tables has a whole new meaning at this property. Wake up early to be on time or the giraffes will go hungry.
South Africa 
Boulders Beach with little penguins
Hit Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town for the ancient granite boulders and to meet the cutest of locals inhabiting the area…the penguins. Mingle with the hundreds of black-and-white fellas that waddle about freely. Cute in every way, except for their grating, annoying sounds.
Stay in a riad
Live like a local in a typical riad featuring fine mosaic carved courtyards, old-world upholstery, tinkling fountains, inner gardens and traditionally lavish rooftop meals. Would you want to every leave such a green refuge in the midst of the bustling city?
Safari in Serengeti National Park
If you have to take just one wildlife safari in your entire life, choose this as the one. Abundant animal sightings, incredible range of wildlife and personal encounters with the circle of life. In the backdrop of endless plains, incredible sunrises and fiery sunsets. Go, go, go.