Culture & Art

Come to grips with what defines local life in a destination. Think native customs, community rituals, folk traditions, even country living. Attend a music performance, join a folk dance, learn an age-old craft, or go on an art-themed trail. Embrace the finer things in life.

South Africa
Pretoria diamond mine experience
Enamoured by diamonds? Add the Cullinan diamond mine tour to your list. This fascinating tour combining the mining experience and the rich history of the capital city of south Africa, includes a visit to the hoist room and the site of the famous 3016 carat Cullinan diamond. Eyes sparkling?
Learn how papyrus is made
Be enthralled with a demo of how early Egyptians made paper using brittle stalks of the Cyperus papyrus plant, at the Papyrus Institute in Giza. Remember to get your hands on some papyrus souvenirs to remind you of Egypt later. Maybe a papyrus art prints or a bookmark?
Samburu and singing wells
The Samburu people living in Kenya’s drier northern region, even have a National Park named after them. Get to know how the tribe calls their cows to drink at hand-dug wells in dry river beds using hypnotic family songs. You could pick up a few musical notes.
Explore the leather tanneries of Fez
This is an insta-alert. For the best views, head to the large viewing terraces that look down onto the symmetrically set pits. Men at work in dying vats, splashes of multi-colored dyes and donkeys laden with newly arrived hides, make the tanneries a visual delight for many reasons.
Visit the home of the forbidden fruit, coco de mer
The controversial Coco de Mer is so much more than just a famous nut. Naughty connotations of this 'coconut of the sea’ owe to its strange shape resembling that of a female bottom. It is fun to hear locals narrating various legends and myths associated with it.